YUBI Beauty

Perfect Polish Set

Rs. 3,200 Rs. 3,800

The Perfect Polish Set from YUBI Beauty is your NO MESS, GO ANYWHERE, QUICK beauty tool! Get the speed and ease of fingertip application + the polish and cleanliness of the one of the BEST BEAUTY TOOLS on the planet! Unlike traditional tools, the Perfect Polish Set comes with a - one size-fits-all handle, a VEGAN, LATEX FREE sponge and a brush made of ULTRA SOFT, VEGAN MICRO-BRISTLES.  Enjoy maximum control and amazing results!

FAST AND EASY: Ergonomic design makes your YUBI faster and easier to use than traditional brushes and sponges. Using the Perfect Polish Set is like using your fingers, but so much better!

MULTI-PURPOSE: Use the Perfect Polish set for FLAWLESS results with all of your favorite LIQUID, CREAM or POWDER make-up products.

TAKE ANYWHERE: Perfect Polish set is a tool that performs at home or on the go. It is lightweight and comes with its own travel pouch (included)

SOFT, SOFT, SOFT: Plush, velvety bristles of the brush, and plump, squishy sponge make beauty a spa-like experience.

SUPERIOR FINISH: Unique shape and construction give a buttery smooth finish to your skin (without looking shiny) - with any beauty product.

CLEAN AND HYGIENIC: All the comfort of using your fingers MINUS the messy hands and the bacteria associated with breakouts.



2 x  Buff Brush Applicators

1 x  Blend Sponge Applicator

1 x Handle

1 x Travel Pouch

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